Young Person, Student & Junior Section

Young Persons & Student Membership


19 -27   Fee structure as below

*1 Subscriptions for Young Person Members are based on age and a sliding scale discount is applied based on the Ordinary fee.





















*2 Entry fees for Young Person Members are based on the system of discount set out in the Constitution.

Young Person members have full rights as per Ordinary Members and will transfer automatically to Ordinary membership at age 28.


Student Membership is open to persons who are both (a) under the age of 25 years and (b) full-time matriculated Students of a University or College of Further Education before the 1st November of the financial year in which the subscription becomes payable.  A Student Member is debarred from taking part in the management of the Club and will be subject to such restrictions on play as shall be determined by the Committee.

Student Fee: £190 

PLEASE NOTE:  Stirling University Students memberships to run from 1st of September to 30th of May.  (Price on application if available)  

Junior Section Membership

The Junior Section is run by a group of club volunteers, with a Younger Person's convener, for more details please contact our Club Secretary: Mr Garry Bowman on  

The Juniors section covers competitions, tournaments, matches, coaching, handicaps, social and communication for young people aged between 9 – 18

An Information Pack for Juniors and their parents/guardians has been produced and is available here Juniors Handbook and Child Protection Document  (2015) 

 Regular information is published on the Members Website and club Blog. and there is both a Juniors Facebook page and YP Newsletter.   

We aim to support young people to take up golf, play golf, and be good club members.  We hope that all club members will welcome and encourage our young players whenever they can.

Please get in touch with the , if you have any suggestions or questions about  Younger Person's Golf at Stirling.


Junior membership is open on application in writing to the Secretary to persons between the ages of 8 and 18 years of age inclusive before the 1st November of the financial year in which the subscription becomes payable. A Junior member is debarred from taking part in the management of the Club and will be subject to such restrictions on play and use of the clubhouse facilities as determined by the Committee

Junior members do not qualify to sit on the main committee, however they do have their own committee whose aim is to help its members develop their skills and  improve their game

9 – 18 £103 (no joining fee for Junior Members)

Fees  Last updated February 2017

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