The name of the Club shall be STIRLING GOLF CLUB. It shall be a non-profit making body open to all persons and dedicated to the supply of sporting services. The objects of the Club shall be the furtherance and promotion of the Game of Golf, within The Royal Burgh of Stirling, the provision of facilities for playing the game of golf and the provision of suitable clubhouse accommodation for its members and, in pursuance of such objects, the Club shall have the following powers:-

(a) To provide a Golf Course at the King’s Park, Stirling, and to lay out, prepare and maintain such ground for the Game of Golf and to provide the usual facilities for the enjoyment of the Game.

(b) To establish and maintain a Golf and Social Club, and to provide and lay out a golf course, and to adapt, alter, add to, or rebuild or remove any existing buildings for the objects of the Club, and to erect and maintain a suitable Clubhouse, buildings and erections in connection therewith, including, as necessary, golfers’ shelters, and other offices for the use of the members of the Club, and their visitors and guests, and employees, and to furnish and maintain suitably the same, and to permit the same to be used by the members of the Club and visitors and guests, and employees, either gratuitously or on such terms as the Club may fix, and to provide employees as necessary for the Club, and to purchase and sell and deal in all kinds of provisions and refreshments, liquid and solid, and all kinds of apparatus required by persons frequenting the Club’s Course and facilities, and cater for the members of the Club, and to hold competitions, and to give or contribute to the medals or prizes at such competitions, and generally to do whatever the Club may deem best, calculated to promote the interests of the Club.

(c) To acquire by purchase or excambion, lease, hire or otherwise, and to occupy, and use any lands, buildings or other heritable or real rights and property, and also any moveable rights and property, and any rights and privileges which the Club may think necessary or convenient for any of the objects of the Club.

(d) To borrow money, and to give security (over heritable and/or other property of the Club) in support of any such borrowings by the Club, in support of any obligations undertaken by the Club or in support of any guarantee issued by the Club.

(e) To erect, maintain, improve or alter any building or erections, whether of a permanent or temporary nature, for the purposes of or capable of being conveniently used in connection with any of the objects or purposes of the Club, or for the purpose of being let, sold, surrendered, or otherwise disposed of, together with any lands and rights, as the Club may deem fit.

(f) To carry on business as club proprietors, and in that connection to obtain, and maintain, registration, as a registered club under the Licensing (Scotland) Act, 2005, as amended, or as may be amended, or any other Act dealing with Clubs in Scotland, for the sale of alcoholic liquor.

(g) To permit and allow any person or persons, company, society, association, or other body to use and enjoy the course, clubhouse, or the lands, buildings and other property of the Club, or any part thereof for such purposes and on such terms and conditions as the Club may fix and determine.

(h) To make and publish Local Rules regulating the playing of The Game of Golf on the Course, provided such Local Rules are consistent with the policy of The Royal & Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews.

(i) To make regulations, bye-laws, and orders for the full and efficient conduct of the affairs of the Club.

(j) To join and subscribe to any Union, Association or League, having similar Objects as those of the Club.

(k) To give, manage or promote dinners, balls, dances, concerts, and entertainments, musical, fund-raising or similar functions.


Membership is open to all and the Rules and Regulations governing membership will be as determined by the members at General Meetings of the Club.


The Committee will have power to restrict total numbers of members or any class of membership should they deem such a course of action necessary.


Any member changing his or her residential address shall be responsible for informing the Secretary of such change in writing as soon as possible.  In the event of any notice being sent by the Club to a Member, this will be sent to his or her last known address as previously intimated to the Secretary.


(a) The acceptance of all classes of members shall rest with the Committee.

(b) Membership is open to all and no application for membership will be unreasonably refused. Membership applications must be submitted to the Secretary on a club membership application form.  The form must be completed to show the full name and permanent address of the applicant. The Committee will consider all applications for membership and may reject such applications subject to the membership limit of the Club and otherwise for good and proper reasons only.

In the case of a refused application for membership, the applicant will be informed of the grounds for refusal and will be offered, if appropriate, a right of appeal.

(c) On the admission of a Member the Secretary will notify him or her thereof furnishing him or her at the same time with a copy of the Constitution and requesting him or her to pay the entry fee and the appropriate proportion of the subscription for the year then current.

On payment of the subscription and entry fee the name of the new Member will be added to the Roll of Members by the Committee.

A new applicant will not be entitled to the privileges of the Course or Clubhouse until the subscription and entry fee, where appropriate, for the current year have been paid.


Persons holding a Round or Day Green Fee Ticket from the Club will be considered a Temporary Member entitling them after payment to the use of the Course and Clubhouse on that day only.

The committee will have the power to admit as temporary members, members of other recognised golf clubs or attendees for the purpose of holding events, competitions, matches or tournaments when such members /attendees will be considered as members for the day only or for the duration of the event, competition, match or tournament.


The persons elected to certain categories of membership of the Club will pay an entry fee of an amount to be resolved from time to time at the Annual General Meeting of the Club.

Young Person Members will pay an entry fee based on the following sliding scale :

No of consecutive years as YPM                               % discount of Ordinary Entry Fee

1                                                                                              0%

2                                                                                              20%

3                                                                                              40%

4                                                                                              60%

5                                                                                              80%

5+                                                                                           100%


The annual subscriptions payable by each category of membership will be decided at the Annual General Meeting and all subscriptions will be payable either:

  • By or on date shown following the Annual General Meeting in each year or
  • by 4 equal payments paid between 1st March and 1st September or
  • at the date of admission.

Any Member who fails to pay his or her subscription before 1st March of that year will cease to be a Member and his or her name shall be removed from the Roll of Membership.

Prior to 1st November each year, each member in the following categories – Ordinary, Senior, Young Person and 5 Day, shall make a payment of £100 towards their annual subscription. This will only apply to those who are not paying their subscriptions by the club’s standing order method.

Any Member wishing to resign from membership must do so by written intimation to the Secretary before 1st November failing which he or she will be liable for the current subscription.

The Committee will have the authority, if required, to alter the fees for specific membership categories once per year for the purposes of recruitment of members.  The committee will circulate the details of any annual one off alteration to the subscriptions to the membership with at least 2 months’ notice prior to the proposed effective date.


(a) An Honorary President and Honorary Vice-President(s) may be elected at any Annual General Meeting, but they shall not by virtue of such offices have any voice in the management of the Club.  As long as they hold such offices the Honorary President and Honorary Vice-President(s) will be exempt from payment of an annual subscription of the Club but shall retain all rights and privileges of Ordinary Members.

(b) The Captain, Vice-Captain and Finance Convener will be elected at the Annual General Meeting.

(c) The affairs of the Club will be managed by the Committee which will comprise the Captain, Vice-Captain, Past Captain and Finance Convener and up to eight elected members.  The Committee may co-opt Members to fill vacancies.

(d) The Committee will manage the Club for the benefit of all Members without discrimination and will meet monthly to conduct the business of the Club. The Minutes of such meetings will be made available to all members via the noticeboard seven days after approved by the Committee.  All differences among the Committee Members will be determined by the vote of the majority and such determination will be the finding of the Committee.

(e) The committee may appoint such employees as the Committee considers appropriate to further the conduct of business of the Club.

(f) Members of the Committee will serve for three years but may be elected for further period of three years.  Such re-elected Members shall not be eligible for subsequent re-election to Committee for a period of one year after demitting office.  All election of Committee Members will take place at the Annual General Meeting. The quorum for a Committee meeting will be at least half of the elected Committee.

(g) In addition to the powers and conditions conferred upon it specifically by this Constitution or by implication, the Committee will have the power to make rules and regulations both as regards the course and the clubhouse or for any other purpose in connection with the running of the Club.  The Committee will also have the power to determine the conditions and hours of playing for the various classes of members.  Copies of all such rules and regulations made by the Committee will be made available for inspection by Members in the Clubhouse and will be binding on all Members of the Club.  The Committee will not make any rules and regulations which over-rule or are inconsistent with the Constitution of the Club.  The decision of the Committee with regard to the meaning of any rule or regulation shall be final and binding.

(h) The Committee will have the power to begin or defend any proceedings taken by or against the Club.

(i) The Committee will have the power to acquire by purchase or excambion, lease, hire or otherwise any lands, buildings or other heritable or real rights and property as may be authorised at a General Meeting of the Club. The Clubhouse, the Course and other heritable property of the Club shall be vested in the Captain, Vice Captain, and Finance Convenor of the Club and their successors in office, as trustees for behoof of the Club. In the case of any lease of the Course, said lease shall be taken in the names of the Captain, Vice Captain and Finance Convener, and their successors in office, as Trustees for behoof of the Club.

(j) The Committee will have the power to:-
(i) borrow such sums (without limitation) on such terms as the  committee  considers appropriate from time to time on behalf of the Club in such manner   as the Committee deems advisable; and

(ii) in security of such borrowings, to enter into such  security of the heritable  and/or other property of the Club (including without prejudice to the generality,   any Standard Security) as may be required by any lender;

provided always that, save as provided in sub-paragraph (k) below, such borrowing and/or grant of security is approved   by the Members of the Club at a General meeting of the Club. Any Standard Security or other documents to be granted in connection with the exercise of the said borrowing powers shall be  executed by the Captain, the Vice-Captain and the Finance Convener for the time being as Trustees ex-officio.

(k) Notwithstanding the generality of the foregoing sub-paragraph (j), in order to defray the cost of maintaining premises owned, leased and/or occupied by the Club or the cost of alterations thereto or the furnishing thereof or for such other purposes of the Club as the Committee may consider appropriate from time to time, the Committee will have power if and when they see fit to borrow such sum or sums of money that may in their opinion be necessary upon such terms and conditions as they think proper up to a maximum sum of £50,000.00 and furthermore will have the power to enter into any Standard Security or Bond or Obligation or other document of debt.  All necessary documents will be signed on behalf of the Club by the Captain, Vice Captain and Finance Convener of the Club or otherwise as the Committee may from time to time direct.

(l) The Committee may in any matter delegate its duties either to sub-committees or any other person or persons.

(m) No member of the Committee  and  no Employee  of the Club will have any personal interest, direct or indirect,  in any contract arrangement or transaction entered into  by  or  on behalf  of the  Club, nor  in the sale of alcoholic liquor therein nor in the profits arising from such sale.


(a) The Annual General Meeting of the Club will be held during the month of January at a place and on a date to be fixed by the Committee.

(b) The Committee will have power to call Special General Meetings of the Club and a special meeting will be called within fourteen days of a written requisition signed by not less than twenty Ordinary Members and stating the business to be discussed.

(c) At least seven days before any General Meeting of the Club the Secretary will give notice to each Member entitled to attend of the date and place of the meeting and intimation of any notices or motions to be submitted to the meeting.  A copy of such notice shall be affixed to the General Notice Board in the Clubhouse.

(d) Only members who are entitled to take part in the management of the club will be entitled to attend and vote at General Meetings of the Club.

(e) At all meetings of the Club the chair will be the Captain, whom failing the Vice Captain whom failing another Member of the Committee who the Committee by majority shall determine.  The Chair will have a casting as well as deliberative vote.  The quorum for all General Meetings of the Club will be sixty.

(f) No alteration to the constitution shall be competent except at a General Meeting and to become effective any motion seeking to alter the constitution must be passed by a majority of two thirds of the Members present and voting.  For the Annual General Meeting, notice of a motion to alter the constitution or of any other competent business must be sent in writing to the Secretary and must be received by him or her no later than the first day of December preceding the meeting. Motions proposing to alter the constitution must be proposed and seconded by a member entitled to attend and vote at said meeting.

(g) Any amendment to a motion proposing an alteration to the constitution must be received by the Secretary within 7 days of the date of the publication of the notice of the meeting to the Membership. Any proposed amendment to the proposed motion must be proposed and seconded by members who are entitled to attend and vote at the Annual General Meeting.

(h) The financial year of the Club will run from First November to Thirty first October following.  There will be prepared annually an income and expenditure account for this period and the balance sheet as at Thirty First October.

(i) A member is entitled to appoint another member as his/her proxy to exercise all or any of his/her rights to attend and speak and vote at  meetings of the club.  Proxy voting forms will be available from the office or can be downloaded from the website. All proxy forms must  be returned to the Office no later than seven days prior to the  meeting.


(a) Members of the Club will be bound by the terms of the Constitution and all rules and regulations of the Club.

(b) In the event of any Member violating any part of the Constitution or the rules and regulations of the Club, or conducting himself or herself in such manner as is, in the opinion of the Committee objectionable or likely to injure or discredit the character of the Club, the Committee will have the power, after calling upon the member for an explanation, to suspend such member from any or all rights and privileges of the Club for a stated period of time.

(c) Any member so suspended will be advised by the Committee in writing of the suspension and that the member has the right of appeal to the Committee.  Any such appeal will only be valid if made in writing within seven days of the date of intimation of the suspension.  Within seven days of receipt of any appeal, the Secretary will call a meeting of the Committee and written  notice  of  this  meeting will  be given to  the  appellant who shall be entitled  to  appear  before  the Committee at the said meeting and make such representations as the appellant  deems  relevant.   The Committee will them consider the relevant facts, outwith the presence of the appellant, and arrive at their decision.

(d) While under suspension the person concerned will continue to be a member of the Club, will be subject to the discipline of the Club and will be responsible for the payment of his or her subscription.  At the end of the stated period of suspension, provided that his or her behaviour has been satisfactory to the Committee the member will resume all rights and privileges of the Club without further application.

(e) In the event of a violation of any part of the Constitution or the rules and regulations of the Club deemed to be of a serious nature or of very serious misconduct, the Committee, after calling upon the member for an explanation and after giving the Member the opportunity to present his or her case will have the power to expel the member from the Club.

(f) Any member so expelled will be advised by the Committee in writing of its decision to expel him or her and that he or she has the opportunity to resign from the Club voluntarily or to accept expulsion or to appeal against the Committee’s decision.  Any such appeal will require to be in writing to the Secretary stating the grounds of appeal within fourteen days of receipt of written intimation of the Committee’s decision.  Any such appeal will be dealt with by a Sub-Committee of three persons appointed by the Captain whom failing the Vice Captain (whether or not such persons are members of the Committee) providing always that they have not previously been involved in the disciplinary procedure.  The Committee will be appraised of the decision of the Sub-Committee and will thereafter decide whether to uphold or dismiss the appeal or to modify any penalty previously imposed.

(g) For the avoidance of doubt, during the period of expulsion up to any subsequent appeal being held the Member concerned will not be entitled to any rights or privileges of the Club.


(a) A Member may personally introduce guests to the facilities of the Clubhouse and upon the admission of such guests to the Clubhouse the member will enter his or her own name and the name and address of the guest in a book which shall be kept for this purpose and which shall show the date of each visit.

(b) The member introducing a guest will be responsible for his or her guest strictly observing the Constitution and the Club rules and regulations and will not leave the Club premises before his or her guest.

(c) No person whose membership of the Club has been suspended or terminated or which has lapsed or whose application for membership has at any time been rejected will be introduced as a guest.  The Committee may refuse admission to any guest.


Neither the Club nor any official thereof will be liable to any member or guest for any loss or damage to any property occurring from whatever cause on or about the Club premises or the course nor for any injury sustained by any member or guest while on or entering or leaving the Club premises or the course.


(a) The sale or supply of alcoholic liquor will at all times be carried out in compliance with all relevant legislation.

(b) Guests will not be supplied with alcoholic liquor on the Club premises unless on the invitation and in the company of a member and providing such guests have been satisfactorily introduced to the Club in accordance with the Constitution.


(a) The Club may not be dissolved except on a vote by ballot paper at a General Meeting of which notice shall have been given in accordance with the required General Meeting procedure provided that a resolution of such winding up is passed by majority of not less than two thirds of the members present.

(b) If in the passing of any such resolution it is ascertained that there is an excess of liabilities over assets each member who is entitled to take part in the management of the Club and Life Member of the Club at the time of passing of such resolution will be liable for his or her share of such excess liabilities and shall make payment thereof to the Committee within one month of receiving a notice demanding payment.  Failing payment within the said period the Committee will be entitled to take all necessary steps against such defaulting member to recover the amount due by him or her.

(c) If in the passing of such resolution it is ascertained that there remains after satisfaction of all of its debts and liabilities any property whatsoever it will be given or transferred to the Office Bearers of the Scottish Golf Union to be held in trust for the then current members of the Club and their survivors until such time as the Club has been reconstituted at which time such remaining property will be transferred back by such Office Bearers to the Club.

Revised Jan 2018



Members are responsible for ensuring their guests conform to all the rules on the course and in the Clubhouse.



Players are expected to be smartly dressed at all times, the emphasis being on smart and casual dress. No person will be allowed on the course wearing jeans, football/rugby type shirts and shorts, vest-type tops or collarless t-shirts, tracksuits or shell suits. Shorts must be tailored and smart.  Round-collared, recognised golf tops are allowed.

Players must wear golf shoes, unless they are under the age of 18 or have some form of disability preventing them from doing so. Persons under the age of 18 may wear trainers.


Mobile phones, if carried on the course, must be switched to silent.


Slow play irritates everyone on the golf course. Members should be aware at all times of their position on the golf course. It is their responsibility to maintain their position on the course and avoid undue delays. Any group that has lost a complete hole on the group ahead should wave through faster groups.

If it is likely that a ball may be lost, unplayable or out of bounds, a provisional ball should be played before going forward. Players searching for a ball should, as soon as they realise the ball will not be quickly found, signal the group behind to play up; they should not wait until the ball has been declared lost (5 minutes). Play should not continue until it is safe to do so.

A 3 ball should aim to complete a round within three and a half hours (210 minutes); each player in the group is responsible for its pace. In a competition, the Match & Handicap Committee reserves the right to penalise each player, in any group, that they consider guilty of slow play. If a player or group consistently disregards the requirement to observe the etiquette of the game during a round, or over a period of time, the Committee may invoke disciplinary action against that group or player.

Pitch marks should always be repaired before leaving the green and divots replaced with care elsewhere on the course. Golf bags should always be left at the side of the green and caddy cars/buggies must not encroach on the apron of the green. All direction signs on the course must be obeyed.



The Starter in the Professional’s shop will control all play, and operates the starting sheet. In competitions/medals, the starter has the authority to move players’ tee times forward or back to aid the management of competitions. Members failing to co-operate with the starter could be disqualified from the competition.

Members may book tee times online via the Club’s website. On the day of play, the Professional will accept bookings. A Member and his/her playing partners may only reserve one tee time; multiple reservations are not permitted.


Members must display their Membership bag tags and ensure that their guests are displaying their visitor’s ticket.


The signal for the suspension of play will be 2 loud blasts on a klaxon.

When play is suspended by the Committee, the players in a match or group may, if they wish and without delay, finish the hole they are playing. Players cannot continue to play a hole, other than the one they were in the process of playing, once play has been suspended.

Play can only re-commence after the Committee or their delegates have ordered a resumption of play. This will be signaled by 3 loud blasts on a klaxon. The penalty for breach of this rule is disqualification (R&A Rule 6–8b). The decision to suspend play will be made by the following authorised representatives of the Committee: Match & Handicap Committee, the Professional or his Assistant, the Greens’ Committee or the Greens Staff.


Practice play is restricted to the practice ground and is strictly forbidden on the course. Practice play must be from the designated lanes and must be in the direction of the farm. Players using the practice area must follow the restrictions listed at the practice ground (no long irons or woods can be used). Pitching or chipping to or from the practice putting green is forbidden.


Safety on the course and practice ground is paramount. Golfers should read the course risk assessment document posted on Clubhouse noticeboards, or on the Club website, and should always be courteous to non-golfers.


Players should at all times co-operate with Greens staff and allow them to facilitate course maintenance.


Members are reminded that they are solely responsible for the security of their own possessions. Members, guests and visitors are advised that the Club does have Public Liability insurance. Members may, however, wish to take out additional insurance cover.


Dogs are not allowed on the course.



5 Day Members can play golf between Monday and Friday, but not during times reserved for alternate day competitions on a Friday. They are eligible to play in Wednesday Medals and Open competitions, and they may qualify for the Wednesday Medal Finals. 5 Day Members may access the Clubhouse at any time.


Country or International Members may play at most times, but cannot enter any Club competitions other than Opens. If authorised by the Match & Handicap Committee, they may play in competitions for Handicap purposes only.


Junior Members have normal playing rights, except as follows:

WEEKDAYS – After 5pm must be accompanied by an Ordinary Member.
SATURDAYS – Not before 2pm
SUNDAYS – Prior to 2pm, if they are accompanied by an adult member

Junior Members, who are authorised by the Committee, can enjoy the playing privileges of Ordinary Members. However they may only reserve their own start time and at least one of the players in the group should be an Ordinary or other adult Member.

Only Juniors under the age of 18, as at 1st November, may play in Junior competitions or Championships. Young People between the age of 19 and 27 are able to play in Ordinary Member competitions.


Student Members have the right to play except for the following times:

WEEKDAYS – Cannot commence play after 5pm
SATURDAYS – April to September – cannot commence play before 6pm
October to March – Not before 2pm
SUNDAYS – Play cannot commence before Noon


Clubhouse Members can access the Clubhouse at any time. They can introduce guests to the Clubhouse, and may play golf only on payment of the normal green fee or as a guest of a playing Member.


Members using their privilege tickets for guests must:

a) Enter the names of their guests in the visitor’s book in the Professional’s Shop
b) Play alongside their guests (in the same group)
c) Visiting guests can only receive the use of privilege tickets a maximum of 6 times in any one-year (April – March), no matter which Member accompanies them.

Members may not use their Privilege Tickets when participating in Visiting Parties or in golf outings organised by or on behalf of external companies or societies.


The tees should be used as follows:

White Markers – Used solely for club competitions unless otherwise authorised by the Committee.
Yellow Markers – Used by all male Members for all other play.
Red Markers – Used solely by Lady Members, their Lady guests and Lady visitors.
Blue Markers – Used by Junior Members.


Please note that more detailed information regarding the rules and arrangements for handicaps and competitions are available on the website and in the Clubhouse for Ladies, Gents and Juniors.


Members are solely responsible for maintaining their own correct handicap. Members are responsible for the return of all their scores and the Match and Handicap Committee will display on the noticeboard each Member’s handicap based on the scorecards received up to that date. Members must not assume that their handicap is absolutely correct, and any queries should be directed to the Match and Handicap Committee.

All ‘away’ scores must be returned as soon as possible to the Club and must be returned prior to the next club competition or medal. Members must complete the away score return form which includes the date, competition, CSS and SSS and their gross score. A copy of their scorecard showing the gross score should accompany this form to allow for any Rule 19.8 adjustments. Any ‘away’ score returned without full information will not be accepted and may result in the Member’s handicap being suspended.

Members must always play off the lowest handicap at all times. Members who are also Members of other golf clubs must declare to the Match and Handicap Committee their ‘home’ club. The ‘home’ club will be responsible for monitoring and maintaining their handicap. Members seeking a handicap or whose handicap has lapsed should follow the instructions on the noticeboard. Guidelines are also available from the Secretary or Match and Handicap Committee.


All competitions will be played in accordance with the Rules of Golf as   stipulated and governed by the Royal & Ancient Golf Club.

Players in club matches and competitions have precedence on both the first tee and through the green. Members waiting to tee off at the 1st hole must allow players in any official match to play through if requested to do so.

Slow play – Members should keep up with the players in front; those who do not may be guilty of slow play and should invite the group behind to play through. The Match and Handicap Committee reserve the right to penalise each player in the offending group two strokes.

The Starter/Pro has the authority to adjust starting times of players to facilitate proper management of the competition. Competitors refusing to co-operate with the Starter will be disqualified from the competition and reported to Match and Handicap.

Where a tie exists, unless otherwise stated, winners/qualifiers will be decided on the basis of the better inward half (last 9, 6, 3, then last hole), then better outward half (the first 9, 6, 3, then first hole).

Entry to Club competitions signifies acceptance of all of the Club’s rules.


Members are responsible for ensuring their guests conform to all the house rules.


The lounges will be open to all Members, Members’ guests and temporary Members. It is a requirement of the Club’s licence that Members’ guests’ details must be entered in the visitor’s book.


Persons under the age of 18, but over the age of 14, may sit in the area beyond the pillars within the Main Lounge except when the bar is open. When the bar is open, they must be accompanied by a person over the age of 18 and sit in the aforementioned area. A person under the age of 18 may not approach the bar area.

Persons under the age of 18 should not enter the small (television) lounge unless in special circumstances or authorised by the Committee. Persons under the age of 18 are not permitted to play the gaming machines or be involved in any form of gambling or game of chance (including prize draws and raffles); or to purchase or request to be purchased any tobacco product or alcohol.


Members are encouraged to use their card to enter the Clubhouse. The door entry PIN number will change on a frequent basis.

The mandatory loyalty fee set for each Member at the AGM must be used by 31st October of that year; any unused proportion of this fee will revert to the Club. Members can use the loyalty fee to purchase goods from either the bar or restaurant. A 10% discount will be applied to purchases from the bar only, when Members use their membership card to pay. £25 will be credited to the Member’s account for every £500 spent using their membership card to pay (this applies to purchases at the bar only).


All persons using the Clubhouse must be smartly dressed, appropriate to the occasion, and must adhere to the dress rules. Any person not conforming to the dress code or abiding by the Club rules may be asked to leave by any member of the Club Staff or Committee.

No person will be allowed in the Clubhouse wearing football/rugby type shirts and shorts, vest-type shirts, collarless t-shirts, tracksuits or shell suits. Smart jeans are allowed in the Clubhouse. Gentlemen should not wear hats, and shorts, if worn, must be tailored. In the main lounge Gentlemen must wear collared shirts. Golf shoes may only be worn in the Locker Rooms. They are not permitted in any other area of the Clubhouse.

Exceptions apply to primary school children or younger, in the restaurant area.

Notices advertising Club functions will indicate the required dress code for each event. The dress code for private functions and Societies is agreed at the time of booking.


Mobile phones should not be used within the lounges of the Clubhouse. They should be switched to silent and, if answered, calls should be taken outwith the lounges. Only members of the emergency services may answer calls within the lounges.


Smoking, including the smoking of E-cigarettes, is not permitted in the Clubhouse or at the entrance. There is a designated smoking area at the side of the building.


Club property, including any property loaned or hired to the club, must not be abused or tampered with in any way. Members and visitors should not interfere with any switches, thermostats or electrical controls within the Clubhouse. In case of difficulty a member of club staff or Committee should be approached. Articles of clothing should not be draped over heaters or chairs.


Club noticeboards may only be used on the authority of the Committee.


Lockers are for the use of playing Members. Lockers always remain the property of the club, they are not transferable and the Secretary should be informed when a locker is vacated. The Club does not accept responsibility for the contents of lockers. The locker master key may only be obtained from the Secretary.


Members/Guests/Visitors may park their car in the car park within the designated bays. Cars must not be parked in any area of hatched lines, reserved bays or in the vicinity of the Greenkeepers’ sheds. The gate to the course must be kept clear and will be padlocked. If required, in an emergency, the padlock keys are available from the Greens Staff, Professional’s Shop, Secretary and bar.


Dogs, other than guide dogs, are not permitted within the Clubhouse.


June 2018


  1. The Captain shall have precedence on the first tee at all times.


  1. Players in club matches or competitions shall have precedence over other players both on the first tee – except when a starting sheet is in operation – and through the green.


  1. Immovable obstructions include all artificial paths, warning bells, fixed seats, coloured distance markers, staked trees, fences except boundary fences, permanent tee markers, ball washers and their surrounds, wooden steps and water hydrant covers. (Rule 24-2 applies)


  1. Ground under repair: Areas enclosed by a solid white line. Play is prohibited from these areas and relief must be taken. (Rule 25-1b applies)


  1. A ball is out of bounds if it lies:
    a) over any fence or railing of the course boundary
    b) beyond the white marker posts to the left of the 1st and 4th fairways and behind the 4th green
    c) over the grass verge at the Clubhouse boundary hedge
    d) beyond the white marker post to the left of the 11th fairway. (Rule 27 applies)


  1. Stones in bunkers are moveable obstructions. (Rule 24-1 applies)


  1. All fixed sprinkler heads are immovable obstructions and relief from interference by them may be obtained. (Rule 24-2 applies). In addition, if such an obstruction, on or within two club-lengths of the putting green of the hole being played, intervenes on the line of play between the ball and the hole, the player may obtain relief without penalty as follows. If the ball lies off the putting green but not in a hazard and is within two club-lengths of the intervening obstruction, it may be lifted, cleaned and dropped at the nearest point to where the ball lay which
    a) is not nearer the hole
    b) avoids such intervention, and
    c) is not in a hazard or on a putting green.


  1. The use of distance-measuring devices for the purpose of assessing distance only is permitted, strictly in accordance with Rule 14-3.


  1. See notice board at Professional’s shop for additional or temporary Local Rules.


The following are the operational rules and management of the Academy area.


The Academy is for use by Stirling Golf Club Members, Temporary Members on the day of play, individuals and groups of players under guidance of, or having tuition with the Club’s PGA professional staff.


The daily operation and management of the Academy is the responsibility of the Club PGA Professional and his staff, to ensure the correct and safe use by all, and the following rules are adhered to at all times.


Stirling Golf Club accepts no responsibility for personal injury or damage to equipment whilst using the Academy facilities. Players use the Academy at their own risk, and are responsible for any damage or injury resulting from their actions.


Practice Facilities

  • Please respect the facilities at all times and leave the area as you would wish it to be found.

Long Game Practice Tee

  • Long game practice must only be from the artificial grass tee, and within the allocated playing area of the day.
  • Any form of practice from the grass outfield is not permitted.
  • Balls must be hit no further than the furthest target green (200 yards).
  • Irons only to be used. No drivers, fairway woods or hybrids permitted.
  • No long game practice is permitted at any time when the 6 holes Academy Course is available for play. (Mon 1 – 3pm, Tue and Thurs 10am – 12pm, Sat and Sun 4 – 6pm).
  • All practice balls must be recovered from the outfield prior to the above times.
  • No play past 50 yard pitching targets during Academy Course playing times.
  • Golfers have a duty of care to ensure no person is in range when a shot is played. Do not play if a person has strayed in to your hitting area.
  • Be mindful of others when hitting. Be aware of your surroundings at all times, and ensure there is a safe distance between you and others practicing.
  • Never walk in front of others practicing, stand and walk a safe distance behind players, giving due consideration to the typical swing arc.
  • Never engage in horseplay.
  • Take care walking to the artificial green chipping area and keep to the path on the far left hand side of the academy.
  • Additional Academy Course times may be required should the professional staff be coaching classes. If possible, advance notice will be provided by means of a board adjacent to long game tee.

Putting Practice Green

  • Putting practice only.
  • No pitching or chipping to this green at any time.

Natural Grass Chipping Green

  • Short Game Practice Only.
  • Play only in the general direction of target greens.
  • No long pitches.
  • No putting.
  • Please rake bunkers after use, repair all pitch marks and fill divots using the mixture provided.

Artificial Grass Chipping Green

  • Short Game Practice Only.
  • No long pitches.
  • Please rake bunkers after use.


Play available:
Monday – 1pm – 3pm
Tuesday – 10am – 12pm
Thursday – 10am – 12pm
Saturday – 4pm – 6pm
Sunday – 4pm – 6pm

  • Please check in at the Professional Shop prior to play.
  • Play only from the designated teeing areas to the appropriate green in the correct order.
  • The PGA Professional or his staff may request players to leave the course out with the above times.
  • The Academy Course playing times will be suspended on Club open competition days.

March 2020