Golf Practice

Stirling Golf Club offers excellent practice facilities, known collectively as The Academy.

Outdoor Practice Areas

There is a 6-hole par 3 course, a long practice hitting area (irons only, max distance 200 yards, no teeing up), nets for driving practice, a natural grass putting green and greens for bunker and chipping practice.  

The daily management of the practice facilities is the responsibility of the Club PGA Professional and his staff to ensure correct and safe use by all. The rules for use of the outdoor practice areas can be consulted here:

Golf Academy Rules

The Academy

The Academy is for use by Club Members and visitors on their day of play, as well as by individuals and groups under the guidance of, or having tuition with, the Club’s PGA professional staff. The daily operation and management of the Academy is the responsibility of the Club PGA Professional and his staff, to ensure the correct and safe use by all and that the rules are adhered to at all times.

The Academy Course

Members should check in at the Professional Shop prior to playing the Academy Course. Play should be from the designated teeing areas to the appropriate green in the correct order.

Play is available at the following times:

Monday – 1300-1500
Tuesday – 1000-1200
Thursday – 1000-1200
Saturday – 1500-1700
Sunday – 1500-1700.

During quiet time, a single player may play a maximum of four balls, two players may play a maximum of two balls each, while three and four player groups may only play one ball.

The Academy Course playing times will be suspended on Club open competition days and ad hoc events throughout the season.

Long Practice Tee

No long game practice is permitted at any time when the Academy Course is available for play.

Long game practice (irons only, max distance 200 yards) must only be from the artificial grass tee, and within the allocated playing area: practice from the grass outfield is not permitted. Balls must be hit no further than the furthest target green).

All practice balls must be recovered from the outfield prior to the Academy Course being open for play.

Natural Grass Chipping Area

This is for short game practice only. Long pitches and putts are not permitted. Play must be in the direction of target greens. Bunkers should be raked after use, pitch marks repaired, and divots filled using the mixture provided.

Artificial Grass Chipping Area

This is for short game practice only. Long pitches are not permitted. Bunkers should be raked after use.

Putting Practice Green

This is for putting practice only: no pitching or chipping to this green is permitted.

General Safety

You have a duty of care to ensure no one is in range when a shot is played. Be aware of your surroundings at all times, and ensure there is a safe distance between you and others who may be practising.

Do not play if a person has strayed into your hitting area.

Never walk in front of others who are practising. Stand and walk a safe distance behind, giving due consideration to the typical swing arc. Take care walking to the artificial green chipping area and keep to the path on the far left hand side of the Academy.

The Indoor Performance Centre at Stirling Golf Club provides a fantastic facility for golfers of all abilities

Indoor Studio

This first-class facility provides a fantastic place for golfers of all abilities to improve their game. Open to both members and visitors, the Indoor Performance Centre boasts a GCQuad launch monitor which gives tremendous insights which help to map out a bespoke improvement plan.

The studio can also be hired for ‘beat the pro’, ‘nearest the pin’ or ‘long drive’ contests.